Meet your all women marketing and design team.

and we can't wait to work with you!

Scooch Marketing's commitment to fresh, innovative design.

We are a team of creative women, passionate about transforming brilliant ideas into reality.

We combine creative vision with strategic thinking and a strong commitment to delivering results, and that’s where the Scooch team bring the goods to the table.

Tam - Creative Director & Owner of Scooch

Want to elevate your digital game? Tam's got the playbook!

Tam’s favourite part of the job? Collaborating with others who are just starting out. She remembers the hustle, the imposter syndrome and the crazy long hours from her early days. And just how eager she was to learn.

She gets that everyone has something to give and wants to help maximise people’s impact on the world. 

Enter stage-left her website, marketing and tech skills! She’s here to help your business nail the social media game, build a website that stands out and help showcase your product or service. 

With an eye for detail and an ability to think creatively AND analytically, she’s your brand’s new best friend.

Rewa - Social Media Creator 

Rewa is a multi-talented creative, and when she isn't working at Scooch Marketing, she’s curating the most beautiful dried floral creations you ever did see.

Being in her presence inspires and captivates you. She could talk all day long about most subject matters, and she’s reeellly good at making reels.

Which is exactly why we hired her.

Well that, and her office jokes, her love for the snack drawer, salt and vinegar chips and telling everyone that she and Tam are Sagittariuses!

Rewa has travelled every inch of the continent working in the Travel industry, and we’re lucky to have her in South Canterbury as one of our Social Media Creators.

She’s your small business cheerleader, and no idea is too out of the box for our fun-loving Rewa!

Miranda - Admin Extraordinaire

Miranda is our Admin Assistant, and we've been pleasantly surprised by her technical skills and efficiency. She's Tam's right-hand gal and an absolute office whizz, freeing up a ton of time for our team to work on creative projects.

Before joining our team, Miranda's dream career was to become a world-renowned artist and have her work displayed among the greats. Nowadays, she spends her spare time baking, crafting, and creating new snack recipes for us to enjoy. When not doing that, she spends her time with her dogs, Harry and Luna.

Miranda has quickly integrated into our team, knows when the snack drawer is off-limits, loves a bit of office banter, and most importantly, shares Tam's love for correct grammar and punctuation.

We feel so lucky to have her!

Get Seen Online with Media that Pops

Got big ideas? We're here to turn them into standout designs, click-worthy websites, and social media that achieves your goals. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already established, we’ve got the tools to implement your next stage of growth. You can’t do everything on your own, and with our help, you won’t need to. 

As women who love helping other women, we take a personal approach to each project. It gives us a kick to see results roll in for clients, and watch their businesses grow. 

Now’s your chance to cross ‘marketing and design’ off your to-do list.

What makes Scooch tick?

Here are the values we don't just talk about; we live and breathe them.






Welcome to a new beginning for your business, with a digital presence you can be proud of.

Come say hi!

Step into our cosy hub in the heart of Timaru – where creativity brews and clients become friends. And yes, we're dangerously close to our favourite cafés. 

We love our diverse region! It’s just a stone’s throw away from the lakes, sea and mountains.

Let's hang out

and see how we can help you.

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