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The struggle is real when it comes to keeping up with the social media game. Finding time to a) think of content ideas and b) post them, is one MAJOR headache. We understand the challenges of juggling, marketing strategy, social media marketing search engine optimisation, and all the intricacies of digital marketing strategy.

All you want to be doing is what you do best: the product or service your business offers.

So here’s where we come in, your trusted social media agency. You choose a social media management package, and we take the reins, expertly handling your social media. Our focus is to increase engagement, build connections, and rapidly expand your reach

It’s easy, promise!

Social Media Management Packages

*Terminate our plans anytime with 1 billing months notice. 10% Discount on 6 month term. 15% Discount on 12 month term. All pricing in NZD. Please contact us for a discounted quotation if you are signing on with us for more than 1 service at a time.

Not Quite What You’re After?

We can tailor packages to your business for a perfect fit.

Wanna See Some Results?

When they came to us for help, Hide & Seek Clothing was struggling with consistency and variety of content. 

After only two months of Social Media Sidekick, and one month of Social Media Starter, their social media management efforts yielded some pretty impressive results. Their increased engagement, improved search engine optimisation, and enhanced marketing strategy demonstrated substantial growth, even if we do say so ourselves!

Nice numbers!

Hear from our client

"Thanks so much for all of your help over the last 3 months, it was awesome to learn from the pros!!"

- Penny, Director at Hide & Seek

Wondering if it's time for a change?

If you're pondering whether your current marketing is up to scratch, we're here to offer you a complimentary social media WoF. No catch, just clarity and confidence for you in your digital marketing and social media efforts.

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