Need A Brand Makeover? Our Graphic Designer Can Help!

Get the look your brand deserves

If your branding doesn’t reflect the outrageous genius of your brand, then a fresh face is what you need. 

Our graphic designer serves up creative solutions at every step: new logos, typography, fonts, icons, and illustrations. The whole kit and caboodle are on offer to transform your brand. 

New face, new you.

Your Brand Makeover Kit

Take the first step to transform your brand

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase,
just take the first step.” - Martin Luther King Jr

Brand Refresh

"When describing my experience with Scooch Marketing without hesitation the word that comes to mind is efficient. Their team is so on the case, they are quicker doing the job of what I ask than I am of actually getting my head around the changes I ask for! 

Their ideas and visions of what the client is asking for are above and beyond what I ever imagined. These girls are amazing at what they do, and I am super chuffed I got them to jump on board to help me." 

Maria Willets
Owner | Jakar Gardens Timaru


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