We're taking expressions of interest for our Social Media Training and Workshops for 2023

We educate and empower NZ business owners to execute killer social media strategies without the stress. Our team will share our secrets to delivering engaging, clickable and drool-worthy content that leaves your followers wanting more.

In our workshops, you will gain:

  • Why you should be using social media and what platforms are best suited for your industry

  • Knowledge of how to set up your accounts properly

  • Social media management strategies to implement across multiple platforms

  • How to create content and be on brand

  • The chance to transform your social media accounts and stand out from the crowd

  • An understanding of how to interpret the stats and why they matter

  • Insider secrets and hacks for all the major platforms

You’ll take home a course workbook, content scheduling calendars and our killer content post ideas.

Workshop group sizes will be limited to no more than 8 participants at once for a hands-on, interactive learning experience. 

For group or company training, please email us.

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Thank you for registering your expression of interest for our Social Media Workshops and Training. We will be in touch in early 2023 to confirm the details.


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