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We were thrilled when our long-time business friend, Maria, the owner of Jakar Gardens, approached us for a website redesign. Jakar Gardens is a stunning indoor/outdoor event venue. Maria was looking to attract a new generation of younger couples for weddings and parents of young kids for birthday parties.

With a website needing modernisation and a clearer, more intuitive user experience, she turned to us to help her achieve her goals.

We went to work, finding new ways to present Maria's information and make it look beautiful. The gardens at Jakar Gardens are truly magical, and we wanted the website to have a storybook look that would complement them. We also had one non-negotiable requirement: the site needed to feature Maria's signature colours, purple and green.

The end result was a beautiful, modern, and user-friendly website that truly showcases the magic of Jakar Gardens. It's now easier than ever for potential clients to explore the venue, view photos, and book events online.

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