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The Little Red Fox, a clothing shop in Fairlie, approached us to redesign their website on the Shopify e-commerce platform. The goal was to give the site a fresh look, with new colours and typography, and to improve the overall user experience for their customers. However, as we dug into the code, we found that there were significant challenges that needed to be addressed.

Some sections of the code were missing or mistyped, causing them to break and preventing customers from accessing key features. This presented a significant challenge for our team, but we were up to the task.

After several rounds of testing and iteration, we were able to fix the broken pieces and create a more intuitive shopping and product loading experience. The result was a significant before-and-after transformation that delighted our client and their customers alike.

In addition to the design and coding improvements, we also made significant improvements to their SEO and integrated new payment gateways like Afterpay and Apple Pay, making it easier for customers to complete their purchases and boosting sales for The Little Red Fox.

See What Our Design Magic Can Do

When Olivia and the team at The Little Red Fox asked us to give their Shopify site a makeover, lightbulbs went on: we knew exactly what to do. We brought Olivia’s vision to life, showcasing the collections in a fun, creative environment whilst still keeping it on-brand and professional.

Here’s what our refresh included: a change of theme, custom coding, colour palette selection, simplified user journey, SEO changes, and increased impressions and click-through rates. 

So, you know, no big deal.
(Except it was, and we LOVE their new look!)

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