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Social Media Organic Marketing Campaign, Content Creation & Photography

We collaborated with Paula from the Sunflower Flats, Geraldine to transform her vision of an empty dairy farm paddock into a community haven of breathtaking sunflowers!

We infused her brand with vibrant photography and engaging content that captures the joy and beauty of her sunflower field. When Paula came to us, she was eager to share her sunflower field with the community but needed help boosting her online presence and engagement.

After just six weeks of our targeted social media management and content creation efforts, the results speak for themselves. Paula's increased reach, improved community interaction, and enhanced brand visibility demonstrated substantial growth, if we do say so ourselves!

These impressive results highlight the success of our strategic approach to social media management and content creation.

By focusing on personalised photography and fostering community engagement, we were able to significantly boost Paula's online presence and connect with her audience. This growth not only increased visibility for the Sunflower Flats but also reinforced its position as a community destination.

Nice numbers!

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