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Social Media Case Study | Beauty Clinic

Blush Beauty Clinic

Blush Beauty Clinic Timaru approached us for our social media management services because they were struggling with inconsistency in posting, a brand voice in their copy and graphics, and overall digital presence. As a service provider, they wanted to drive clicks to their website and online booking system, showcase their fantastic team, and attract new customers while gaining followers.

To achieve their goals, we offered an ongoing social media management package that included 3 unique posts across 2 platforms and 3 story posts per week, hashtag research and application, imagery sourcing and editing, 2 hours of community management per month, monthly analytics and reporting. We also held monthly planning and catch-up meetings in person because they were a local business.

After working with Blush Beauty Clinic for over two years, we have seen fantastic results. Our management has doubled their user engagement, and their Instagram and Facebook pages have seen steady and genuine follower growth, increasing followers by 30% in the last 12 months. We have also seen a 90% increase in page visits compared to before we took over. We use post insights and analytics to improve our service by listening to audience responses and pivoting our content strategy accordingly.

Additionally, we have helped Blush Beauty Clinic with other brand management exercises, including print design, recruitment ads, and hosting their website. Our consistent and visually appealing branding across all touchpoints has helped them stand out in their industry.

It's worth noting that social media is Blush Beauty Clinic's only regular advertising channel, and none of the material we created for them has been boosted by paid advertising. All the results we achieved were organic, and we put in the work to develop strong online relationships through our community management service. By responding to comments and driving conversations on other relevant user's pages, we enhance visibility and brand awareness for Blush Beauty Clinic. In addition to our regular content, we have also incorporated Instagram Reels into our monthly social media management package for Blush Beauty Clinic.

With the increasing popularity of Reels, we recognised the opportunity to reach new audiences and showcase Blush's services in a unique and engaging way. Blush's audience has responded well to the video content, resulting in a significant reach to non-follower audiences. On average, our Reels have received around 3,500+ views, with some reaching over 15,000 views. These Reels have generated strong user engagement and have boosted Blush's overall follower count. Since June 2022, we have been creating 2-4 Reels per month as part of our ongoing efforts to elevate Blush's digital presence. Our success is evident not only in the metrics but also in the fantastic feedback we have received from our client. Charlotte, owner and operator of Blush, has referred us to many other local businesses and is always supportive of the impact we create. She has acknowledged our contribution to their recently received award: Juvenate 2022 South Island Clinic of the year. Here is what Charlotte had to say about our services:

Client Testimonial

"I’ve been working with Scooch Marketing for a couple of years now, and it’s been an absolute pleasure. Constant support with all my social media and marketing needs. Such a great team of talented women that always give me the laughs and outside the box marketing ideas for my business. I constantly involve them with all my big ideas and get their input to fine tune everything.The growth and client reach has excelled ever since they started with my marketing, it takes a massive weight off my shoulders as a business owner to know that I’m in safe hands with these ladies.

It's always great to support other local business women and would highly recommend Tam and her team of beauties!

As Beyonce would say; Who runs the world? GIRLS.” - Charlotte Parker


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