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Coralie Reid Social Media Case Study

Coralie Reid, a true master in the real estate realm who prides herself on making homes and properties across the Mackenzie region her specialty.

With a reputation carved out of exceptional customer service, meticulous attention to detail, and an insider's knowledge of the local real estate pulse, Coralie is the secret weapon you want in your corner when navigating the property market.

This case study delves into how our partnership with Coralie boosted her digital presence, bringing her remarkable skills and services to an even wider audience.


In 2022, Coralie knocked on our door here at Scooch, with a clear vision in mind. She sought to weave together a unified brand persona across all her social media platforms, kick up the brand awareness notch, and spread her digital wings to embrace a broader audience. Coralie aspired to put her prowess on display and construct a solid trust bridge connecting her to prospective clients.


The Scooch Marketing squad pieced together an all-encompassing social media strategy for Coralie Reid, covering all the bases from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The very first step? Crafting a brand style guide. Our mission was to thread a consistent narrative through every platform - same colour palette, same typography, same brand messaging. It's like we dressed Coralie's brand in its own signature uniform.

Our prime objective was twofold: skyrocket Coralie's brand awareness and broaden her digital reach. The game plan? Content calendars packed with posts underscoring Coralie's expertise, snapshots of her current listings, and the pulse of the market trends.

A picture speaks a thousand words, and a video? Probably a million. We leveraged high-definition photos and compelling videos to spotlight the charm and key selling points of the properties under Coralie's banner.

Engagement is the name of the game in the social media realm. So, we made it a point to interact with followers and potential clientele, promptly replying to comments and messages. After all, good conversation is the cornerstone of every great relationship.


Over the course of half a year, Coralie Reid's online presence didn't just grow – it thrived! On Facebook, we saw an impressive 17% surge in impressions, while engagement sky-rocketed by a whopping 66%.

But the growth didn't stop there. Her fan base on all social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn – expanded at an unprecedented rate.

Not to mention the flurry of positive reviews and comments from clients, many of whom discovered Coralie's stellar services through her revamped social media channels.

Perhaps the cherry on top was the consistency of Coralies brand message and visuals across all platforms. The result? A cohesive, polished brand image that struck a chord with her audience.


With a little Scooch Marketing magic, Coralie amplified her digital footprint, brand visibility, and audience reach in style. By leveraging well-crafted social media tactics, maintaining active engagement with her followers and potential clientele, and curating a consistent brand narrative, she succeeded in shining a spotlight on her prowess and building a robust trust bridge to her potential clients.

In summary, the social media management we tailored for Coralie was a success, hitting the bullseye on her business goals. 


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