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Duncan Engineering Social Media Case Study

Hailing from the heart of Temuka, South Canterbury, Duncan Engineering is a notable engineering firm with a knack for tailoring solutions to clients in the engineering and agriculture spheres.

Despite their best efforts and significant resources poured into churning out content for Facebook and Instagram, the ideas well had run dry. Faced with this creative drought, they turned to us, here at Scooch Marketing, to take the social media reins over a 12-month stint.

In this case study, we invite you to unravel the string of results we helped Duncan Engineering to achieve.


The main targets we, set our sights on during our social media management for Duncan Engineering were:

1. Pump up the volume of leads flowing in via their social media pipelines.

2. Stoke the engagement flames with their existing followers on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Boost brand recognition among potential clients sauntering around the engineering industry in South Canterbury.


In a bid to hit these objectives out of the park, we got down to business with a robust social media strategy for Duncan Engineering. We rolled up our sleeves and dove headfirst into a comprehensive analysis of the company's target audience, the competitive landscape, and industry trends to sniff out growth opportunities.

Our masterstroke was a meticulously planned content calendar. We packed it with a variety of content types - educational pieces, informative tidbits, promotional content, and client stories, dished out in visually engaging formats such as videos, infographics, and Instagram reels.


Over the 12-month period when Scooch Marketing was at the helm of Duncan Engineering's social media ship, the company charted some truly impressive results. Let's run through some of the standout stats:

We saw the leads gushing through their social media channels shoot up. Our secret sauce? Crafting targeted organic content meticulously optimised for pumping up the lead generation game.

The engagement scores on Facebook and Instagram got a neat bump. Our winning formula involved a potent mix of premium content and swift community management, including speedy responses to comments and direct messages.

As for brand awareness among their community and the potential clientele in the agriculture industry, it climbed too. Our tactics of choice included the smart use of industry-specific hashtags, engaging with the right connections, and disseminating educational content that cemented Duncan Engineering as a leading provider in their field.


By handing the reins of their social media management over to Scooch Marketing, Duncan Engineering witnessed a meteoric rise in lead generation, engagement rates, and brand awareness.

Our multi-pronged social media strategy - a powerhouse combo of laser-targeted organic content, and sprightly community management - proved its worth, scoring some big wins for Duncan Engineering.


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