Scooching Our Way to Success!


Our top apps we might use in your business


  • WhatsApp - Use for easy and quick voice and text communication.
  • Zoom - Stable and reliable video communications made easy


  • Canva - Amazingly simple free graphic design online tool.
  • Kaboompics - A collection of high quality photos offered for free for anyone
  • Mailchimp - Create e-newletters and campaigns with this email marketing tool.
  • Pexels - Free high quality images you can modify and use anywhere.
  • Publicate - Easily create newsletters that get results. Works with Gmail, Outlook and all other services.
  • Sniply - A social media marketing tool that allows people to overlay custom messages on any web page they post about
  • Unsplash - Beautiful free images for everyone


  • PayPal - One of the oldest and most trusted online payment platforms in the internet

  • Stripe - An online credit card processor designed with the small business owners and online merchants in mind

  • Xero - Beautiful accounting software


  • Calendly - Save time and schedule meetings easily
  • Email Signature Rescue - Professional email signature software and templates.
  • Evernote - A tool designed for note taking, organising, and archiving with a powerful search function.
  • Slack - Organise your team conversations in an easy and powerful messenger app.
  • Sortd - Transforms your emails into organised lists.
  • Trello - Tool for organising and prioritising your projects and to-do lists.


  • LastPass - A super handy and very safe way to store your passwords, even on the go


  • Dropbox - Secure file sharing and storage solution.

Website & Branding

  • Answer the Public - Find out what questions and queries your customers have by getting a free report of what they're searching for in Google.
  • Coolors - A fantastic tool that helps you choose your branding colours.
  • Employment Agreement Builder - The tool guides you through the steps to create an agreement for each of your employees.
  • Hey Meta - Check and improve how search engines and social media websites see and display your website.
  • Rocketspark - Website builder and ecommerce software for non-techies. Create your own website using pre-designed templates to help you get started. Modern, easy to use and the Rocketspark support team is right here in NZ.


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