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Re-connecting your 'why'

Remember why you launched your own business? It might have been because you had a vision and you recognised that you should be making a living from your expertise instead of letting them hibernate. Or maybe you wanted the freedom around the needs of your family, getting more work/life balance, and being there for the people you love the most. Perhaps hobbies or voluntary work are important to you too and you wanted to be able to choose how you spend your time. Maybe it was just plain old math — you realised you could make more from your career if you worked for yourself than if you worked for someone else.

Whatever the reason you started working for yourself, it’s probably time to reflect on the situation. Look back on that reason — your “why.” Then — if you’re feeling brave — compare that with your reality. Be honest and ask yourself some real questions. Is running your own business giving you what you originally wanted from it?

Your “why” remains important — that’s what keeps you chipping away at your business, it gets you up in the morning and it is supposed to keep you focused. But if it’s getting lost in the chore of actually running your business, it’s time to find a different way of working.

Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

That’s where I come in. Outsource the tasks you don’t like doing or the ones that take up too of your much time and keep you away from the heart of your business. You didn’t become a graphic designer so you could spend your time cold-calling possible clients — let me drum up your business for you! You shouldn’t stop baking with your kids because the phone rings — outsource your phone answering instead. And why are you mucking around with spreadsheets when you should be engaging directly with clients? Ladies and gents, there is a better way! By outsourcing, you can run your business in the way you always dreamed of. You can gain all the advantages of working for yourself and let a VA help you with whatever is holding you back.

Not sure where to start?

If it’s all getting on top of you and you don’t know whether it would be more helpful to outsource your admin or your social media, don’t worry — I can help. I’ve worked with many businesses and I'm very experienced at identifying what would help your business most.

To find out how I can help you reconnect with your “why,” run your business more efficiently, and get back all the advantages of working for yourself, talk to me today at 021 222 0875.


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