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5 engaging ways to use Instagram stories for your business


Due to the instant nature of Instagram stories, they’re a great way to share company announcements like new products, new staff members and general updates!

These moments are a brilliant opportunity to post behind-the-scenes footage of the company that wouldn’t necessarily earn a spot on your main profile. Your followers will feel like they’re privy to the latest info, as well as getting to know you and the business. You can add multiple photos to your Instagram Story to make it more engaging for your followers.

These personal insights could be anything from packaging a new product to playing a prank on a colleague. They will help convey the human side of your company, and consequently boost brand awareness and engagement!


Instagram stories offer a great way for brands and influencers to collaborate! You can team up with a relevant business you think your followers could benefit from getting to know, or perhaps a customer who happens to be an influencer.


Instagram Story Highlights have been a game changer since they were released in December 2017.

For regular users, they act as a personal show real of the best bits. But for brands, being able to pin Stories to the top of your profile essentially acts as an extension of your bio.

As a business, you can utilise highlights to tell people who land on your page who you are, what you do and why you do it, as well as displaying your product or service! Create Stories for the purpose of being highlighted, with an eye-catching cover they’ll transform your Instagram page into a brochure!


Gone are the days of boring customer questionnaires, get your answers with just a tap!

Using polls in your Instagram Stories is a great way to drive interaction with your followers. You can use them for market research, customer feedback, or just to get to know your audience and have a bit of fun!

The possibilities with polls are endless, and it’s possible to think of highly relevant creative campaigns specific to your brand or target demographic!


A recent addition to Instagram Stories, the countdown sticker is a great feature for brands to promote competitions, sales, and announcements. Users can set reminders for the countdown deadline, and brands receive this data, so they know exactly how many (and which) of their audience are most engaged!

This data is another great feature for helping build community, and we can still see Instagram continuing to develop these kinds of features monthly - so keep your eye out for other interactive and engaging Instagram story stickers.

What's your favourite feature of Instagram stories? Let us know over on IG.


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