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The Creative Basics for Social Media Visuals

The importance of visual content for social media can not be understated! 

Your followers are three times more likely to engage with posts that include visual content.* Today’s audiences are hungry for a visual experience. Video, images, and GIFs all capture people’s attention when they’re scrolling through a feed which encourages deeper engagement. Interesting content gives people a reason to follow, like, comment, and eventually buy from you. It can make or break your strategy.

So, what makes a great visual? If you can’t answer this question, a little studying may be in order. But don’t worry - the homework is easy ;)

Sure, there’s not just one good way to create a visual. But there are some basics to keep in mind. 

Here are some basic best practices I always keep in mind when creating social media visuals:

• Have a clear subject. It’s usually best to have a single focal point in your image.

• Remember the rule of thirds. With some exceptions, it’s best not to have your subject perfectly centred.

Let there be light! If your image is too dark, it’s harder to see and just looks a bit dull. 

• Make sure there’s enough contrast. Contrast is easier to read, creates balance, and is more accessible.

• Get familiar with the colour wheel! Our colour spectrum has winning recipes to colour gorgeous pairings. Take a look at the “Complementary” or “Analogous” colour rules to get started 

• Keep it simple. Make sure your vision is clear and easy to understand 

• Don’t over edit. Resist the temptation to press all the buttons. ‘Less is more” is a good policy when it comes to filters and edits. 

And finally… learn the specs! 

One of the biggest crimes you can commit when sharing visuals on social media is using the wrong size.
Images with the wrong aspect ratio or low resolutions will be stretched, cropped, and crunched out of proportion - all of which reflects poorly on your brand.

Ready to get started? We’re here to help if you need us x

*Information curated from Twitter’s 2021 analytics report


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