Scooching Our Way to Success!


Professional Web Design Course with Rocketspark

Earlier this year, I got the chance to develop my web design skills with Rocketspark. You might be thinking, ‘Why do I need to do this course?’. To put it quite simply, there is always room for growth and improvement and a great way to elevate and enhance your professional skills with a great group of other like-minded professionals.

Academy tutor Sarah Marshall and web design expert from Ahoy Design Studio took us through the course over 10 weeks with tons of interactive learning and the opportunity to learn in a constructive environment. The group was small and intimate, which allowed every member of the cohort to learn a whole bunch of juicy content no matter what level of their creative web design journey they were at.

The course was packed full of interesting topics, including:

  • Planning for next-level web design

  • Colour, typography and inspiration

  • Images, videos and animations

  • Spacing, page layouts and content

  • Designing for mobile

  • Design features

  • Trends, fads and progression

  • Client presentations

Delivered over Zoom, the Professional Web Design Course had me quickly engaged and hungry to learn more. Sarah allowed me to explore new design elements and help me to develop and execute new design techniques raising the bar of our old site. Sarah was a brilliant tutor, and I couldn’t recommend her more. She delivered the course material in a carefully considered way and was always approachable for 1 on 1 time at the end of the week.

After the course was completed, we had graduation with our Cohort, Sarah, Jason and Chantal from Rocketspark, to celebrate our success and reflect on everything we’d learned.

Much to my surprise, I was awarded three fun little awards at the graduation ceremony too.

I’m so chuffed with how our site (my project) is ticking along, and I’d highly recommend any creative to get involved with Rocketspark Academy. There were lots of awesome takeaways that we are now implementing across our site and client sites.

Check out the academy courses, you won’t be disappointed!


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